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H.O.P.E. 2019/2020

Including COVID 19 Virtual spring

March 13, Governor Whitmer ordered the stay at home safety measures due to the presence of the COVID-19 virus in Michigan. The entire world clearly saw how economic, educational and healthcare disparities are resulting in a much higher percentage of illness and death in communities of color. March 17, Educate Youth started the Virtual Clubhouse for the Having Opportunities for Positive Education, H.O.P.E., program. Our commitment to the academic, psychological, and the physical well-being of each student is our priority. The details of the Virtual Clubhouse H.O.P.E. program will be:
  • H. O. P. E. program will virtually meet 3-6 each day for community work time, poetry and art classes, and silent reading. Classes will be added as requested.
  • Individual tutoring times will be created when needed. Tutors will be available for one on one support
  • Daily emotional and physical check-in to make sense of the stay at home policy. There are Corona Virus discussions giving accurate information. The CDC is the source for information.
  • To receive the stipend, the afternoon sessions need to be attended
  • Once weekly, if needed, supplies will be brought to you. These include a fruit of choice, school and hygiene supplies, and items required for the Educate Youth classes.
Educate Youth students wanted to give information about safe living during the corona virus lock-down. When this song was made, we weren’t in school and it was hard to find factual information on the proper steps to stay healthy. The virtual clubhouse with Educate Youth taught us the importance of following the “Stay Safe Procedure” and how to follow the procedure. “We were bored in the house and thought we might die” so we wanted to help decrease the death rate from COVID-19. The only way to stop the spread is to work together. Gail Wolkoff once said, “This pandemic is forcing us all to do something new and to gain new habits.” With this being something new, taking this procedure seriously and staying safe could be our way of sliding through the pandemic. The novel COVID-19 has mainly infected black communities. Due to the fact that we are brown and black students, we felt the need to highlight the importance of being protected during the pandemic in this song.

academic year 2019-20-1page 2 2019-20-1The Goal of Educate Youth is to increase the number of Ypsilanti students to receive a diploma and for each graduate to have a post-high school plan.