A Welcoming Statement

We at Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C and Educate Youth 501(c)(3) know that people learn and grow best when they feel safe to be their authentic selves. For this reason, all people who come to the Clubhouse agree to show respect for each other, no matter their personal identities.

Youth of all backgrounds are welcome to develop their skills, forge relationships and connections, and get their voice heard at the Clubhouse. As a community-minded organization, we promote the ideals of equity, fairness, and inclusivity. Educate Youth is a place where future leaders will develop skills for making a stronger, safer world.

Both Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C and Educate Youth 501(c)(3) are housed at the Clubhouse at 104 South Huron in the City of Ypsilanti.  The Clubhouse is committed to equality. We will not ask citizenship, ethnic background or religious beliefs to create a means of division. We are committed to learning respectful ways to interact.

Aside from what one may assume or prefer, we are all created equal. We should continue treating others as if we are all one. No piece of paper, shade of color or practice of religion shall put a wall between us. We support what is right, NOT segregation.

We ask that you join us in celebrating the diversity of our community and fighting against those who want to pit us against one another.