What you can do to help Educate Youth!

Educate Youth is grateful to for their generosity and their commitment to strong academics.Widgeon Dispute Resolution is Educate Youth’s 2021 Premier Sponsor:https://www.widgeondisputeresolution.com Make a cash contribution via PayPal or Contact Us to give a different way. As the saying goes, any amount will help to support Educate Youth. You can designate how you want the fundsContinue reading “What you can do to help Educate Youth!”

Ethics Bowl

Educate youth will be participating the 2021 Virtual Ethics bowl. https://www.a2ethics.org/ Ethics bowl 2019-2020 Fifteen new cases, all new team members, two new captains what more is required for a comeback to the Ethics Bowl. We are delighted to share that after a year long break Educate Youth will have a team, Ypsilanti Youth,  participating atContinue reading “Ethics Bowl”

The Ride Partnership

Educate Youth is excited to announce its partnership with The Ride, through the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority. The Ride is dedicated to ensuring safe and efficient transportation for the youth in our programs, through the donation of 200 bus tokens. This will ensure that our participants are always able to get to and fromContinue reading “The Ride Partnership”

Prevent and Prevail – Fall 2017!

Great news! Prevent and Prevail will be continuing with another run in September! Youth ages 12-17 who are LGBTQ+ or allies meet to discuss sex, STDs, pregnancy, drugs, consent, and more in a safe, welcoming space. The next run will be on Wednesdays from 4 – 6:30 pm on September 13, 20, 27, and OctoberContinue reading “Prevent and Prevail – Fall 2017!”