Spiritual Warriors

This year the students have written a remarkable
book of their poetry and we are offering it as
a bonus for interested donors.

Spiritual Warriors: Poems written during the pandemic and protests of 2020 by the students in the Educate Youth after school program will be available December 14.

How can you receive a copy?

Donate $160 or more and know you are
supporting ONE student to move ONE month closer to their high school diploma
AND Receive a copy of Spiritual Warriors and
be recognized on the Website

A win-win situation for Educate Youth and you

or, you may purchase Spiritual Warriors for $20

for questions or to order the poetry book, contact (734) 218-2953, or gail@educateyouthypsi.org

One of our recent graduates found that getting into college was a full time job. This is his literary response.

Dory_(Just Keep Swimming)
A system built for me to fail
Without the clubhouse I wouldn’t prevail
Having to leave voicemails a lot
I’m really surprised how far I got
The journey was crazy and there were a lot of walls
Lots of miscommunication and of course zoom calls
I knew it would be challenging but this was just tiring
And at the same time I’m looking for who’s hiring
I’m finally in college the hard work paid off
And through this whole journey one lesson was taught
If they say “no” it’s not the end
And if you get stuck try and try again

-Quincy Moore