The goal of Educate Youth is to increase the number of Ypsilanti students to receive a diploma and for each graduate to have a post-high school plan.

Educate Youth is Dedicated to Make a Change’s nonprofit arm. This transition opens many doors for Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C as an agency and the youth living in Ypsilanti. We want you to be a part of Educate Youth.
Your financial generosity is not a donation, but a tax-deductible investment into future professionals that will have a positive impact on all communities.
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Summer is Just Around the Corner…


Do you know a teen who needs something to do this summer?

The Summer Program at Educate Youth is the place to be! Programs start June 26th.sunflower cutout

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Educate Youth 501c3

Educate Youth 501c3 is being started because we want to make a difference in the lives of Ypsilanti youth. It is a chance for the community to provide the needed sources of funding for the youth programs that change lives. Educate Youth 501c3 is the evolution and culmination of Dedicated to Make a Change’s youth-centered educational programs into a single, independent entity.

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A Welcoming Statement

We at Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C and Educate Youth 501(c)(3) know that people learn and grow best when they feel safe to be their authentic selves. For this reason, all people who come to the Clubhouse agree to show respect for each other, no matter their personal identities.

Youth of all backgrounds are welcome to develop their skills, forge relationships and connections, and get their voice heard at the Clubhouse. As a community-minded organization, we promote the ideals of equity, fairness, and inclusivity. Educate Youth is a place where future leaders will develop skills for making a stronger, safer world. Continue reading


Having Opportunities for Positive Education (H.O.P.E.) is a program for youth ages 13-17 that provides support for improvement in academic performance, personal responsibility and life skills. Our main focus is on increasing academic performance in 100% of our youth.

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Comprehensive sex ed: by teens, for teens

Prevent & Prevail is a program created by youth between the ages of 13 and 16 after learning that the HIV infection rate is highest in the 13-23 age group. Prevent and prevail is a comprehensive sex education class.  The goal of Prevent & Prevail is to have open discussions in a safe, confidential, fun, and all inclusive environment.  Teen facilitators receive over 20 hours of training before leading a series of information sessions and discussions for their peers.

The next run of prevent and prevail is August 7th-18th from 12 PM – 2 PM.

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