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Educate Youth knows Black Lives Matter.

Educate Youth supports students to discover their true passion in life, and show them how to use education to bring their dreams into reality. We imagine a community where all students reach their full potential, no matter the color of their skin.


These are the thoughts from students at Educate Youth on the events in the country. The pandemic has taken enough of our lives, will we let gun violence take more?


Empower Ypsilanti Students~ Dedicated to Make a Change


“Educate Youth guides and encourages Ypsilanti teens to earn their high school diploma with a two-year post HS plan and a goal of becoming future leaders who will strengthen and drive change in their community.


Justice: Instilling integrity in students to improve their community. 

Transformation: Shaping student leaders through empowerment, essential skill development, and education.

Solidarity: Students are unified and supported by peer mentors and each other.

Empowerment: Students are encouraged to fulfill their individual possibilities.

Viable: Students are prepared for a life beyond high school. 

Relevant: All programs are created by students, for students.

Equity: All students are given the same excellent opportunities that exist throughout Washtenaw County

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Virtual Clubhouse and beyond

For the 2020-2021 academic year is looking like the schools will open with virtual education. This means the clubhouse will be open for academic tutoring and educational support. We also offer positive social interactions with peers.


Here is a gofundme page that you use to support us.