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A recent article about the work of committed students at Educate Youth.

Skyline High School student’s senior project video:

Jasmon Brown’s senior project video:

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The starting of Educate Youth spans many years. In June 2011, I began looking for academic opportunities for the adolescents living in the City of Ypsilanti. To my amazement, there were no academic-based programs; many of the programs were sports-based or had a large acceptance fee.

We decided to start our own program that was specifically designed for middle school students. We met at the library for four weeks during the summer, doing academics four days a week, and leaving one day for community service. We always met for four hours a day. The program was free of charge, transportation was provided, and participants were given basics in academics, soft skills, and positive group interactions.

What did we learn? All the students wanted to continue this program during the school year This was the beginning of Having Opportunities for Positive Education, H.O.P.E., one of the four programs being moved to Educate Youth.

All of our programs are created by youth, for their peers. Our mission has remained consistent: to connect youth with the world to promote peace, greater understanding, and a love of learning. All the programs, S.A.T. Preparation, Prevent and Prevail: an Open exchange of ideas about Sex, Empowerment, Drugs, and Prevention for STDs and HIV, Ethics Bowl, and H.O.P.E. are moving from Dedicated to Make a Change to Educate Youth 501c3.
Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C is now changing its focus from teens to adults. We are offering education consultation trainings to schools and organizations: Comprehensive Sex Education, Creating an Inclusive Environment, Educating Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Questioning, Ally, TBLGQQA Youth, Educating Youth on Drugs and Alcohol, and Facilitating Youth Service Projects.

The goal of Educate Youth is to increase the number of Ypsilanti students to receive a diploma and for each graduate to have a post-high school plan.
This transition opens many doors for us as an agency and the youth living in Ypsilanti. We want you to be a part of Educate Youth.
Your financial generosity is not a donation, but an investment into future professionals that will have a positive impact on all communities.

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