Gail Wolkoff Executive Director
Gail is a teacher educator and a former administrator who resigned from teaching and administration in May 2010 to pursue her desire to develop an educational program that connects youth with the world and to promote a love of learning. Through-out her 35 year career, she has practiced anti-raciest and positive teaching where teaching and learning are interconnected.

In Fall 2011, Gail started Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C (DTMAC). In January 2017, Educate Youth 501c3 was started with the mission of increasing the Ypsilanti Community School high school graduation rate and post-high school plan, one student at a time. All of the youth programs and classes were moved from DTMAC to Educate Youth.

Gail has a rich and varied history as an educator. At the Evergreen State College, Olympia Wa, Gail studied Earth Science and Social Work. She earned her Masters of Arts in Teaching in 1985 from the University of Pittsburgh

Howard Williams
Howard graduates with his Exercise Science degree from EMU Summer 2020. He is planning to begin the Teacher Education program where he wants to become a high school math teacher. He’s been with Educate Youth since 2013.

Quincy Moore, Tutor,  2020 WSC high school graduate.

Michael Columna – I.T.
Michael comes in periodically to work on the website and keep it up to date.