Board Members

Steve Wilcoxen – President

Justin Carthage – Treasurer

Dominic Buffa – Secretary
Dominic has been working with Dedicated to Make a Change for the past three years. He started off a student volunteer, then moved onto a 400 hour internship, and then upon completion of his Bachelors in Social Work, was hired as the agency’s youth worker and community liaison. Dominic is dedicated to the academic success and mental wellness of teenagers in Ypsilanti. He always enters and leaves the clubhouse with a smile. “Everyday I come in, I’m excited to work with America’s newest generation of scholars, leaders, and earthshakers.”
Dominic is in the process of receiving his LLBSW. He plans to someday open a restaurant that employs youth, utilizes resources from the community, and promotes art and wellness for people in Ypsilanti.

Jayda Thomas – At large

Douglass Harvey – At large

Gail Wolkoff – Executive Director