We greatly appreciate the partnerships the following made with Educate Youth. More than just providing a tax-write off, Educate Youth promotes and organizes events for businesses in order to empower youth and local businesses. Thank you to all who have joined Educate Youth to build a Rock Solid tax deductible non-profit.

Grant and Foundations:
City of Ypsilanti
Harry and Margaret Towsley foundation
Buhr Foundation
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Community Foundation of SE Michigan
Nevins-Soong Foundation
United Way of Washtenaw County

Emily Belanger
Chief Tony DeGiusti
Jane Bridges

Gene Butman Ford
Ma Lou’s
Common Source Acupuncture
Boylesque Bingo
Flicks and Geeks
B&B Bredell and Brendell PC
Kumon Math Ann Arbor
Ypsilanti Running Company

Private Donors:
Del Dunbar
Portia Mann
Rhonda Palmer
Luther Black in memory of Helen C. Black
Paul Stuker
Jane Bridges
Jorge’ Guzman DeBranoff
Marilyn Fekety
Glenda Svetkovich-Horgrow
Professor Lorna Haywood
Bethany Freeland
Jeanine Delay
Sharon Irvine
Desirae Simmons
Peter Fayorian
Katelyn Zak and Laura Haynes
Mary Delcamp
Stacey Fallis
Tasha Lebow

Ariel and Eric Moore
Mary Sonis
Stephanie Kavanough
Lisa Woziak
Diane Smith
Sirus and Anne Kermani
Sabine Iben and Terry Markoff
Michael White
Christin and Mike Carthage
David Wright
Steve Wilcoxen
Ariana Riegel and David Arnold
Carolyn Rou
Sharon Pulice
Kathryn Larson
Drs. Richard and June Thomas
Maria Felix-Neal
John Warren
Judith Morey
Joanne Cavaletto

John and Sara Wiess
McClaine and Andrew Mast
Marlene Ross
Nawal Motawi
Susan and Paul Barrow
Rich and Emily Belanger
Ken Castle
Julia Gilbert
Peri Stone Palmquist
Lorna Haywood
Terry Turner
Rochelle Flumenbaum
Elisa Guyton
Dr. James Hawkins
Shahizad Mirafazali
Nadine Hall
Amanda Harper
Ricky Jefferson 
Barbara Basalyga
Deborah Strasser