Virtual Clubhouse



3pm-6pm during the stay at home order

Educate Youth will continue to operate its HOPE program during this period of schools being closed. A three prong framework has been created. Our goal is to keep the community safe by mitigating community transmission as well as providing students with current and accurate information about COVID 19. We will, of course, ensure that academics remain current.

  • H. O. P. E.  program will virtually meet 3-6 each day for community work time, poetry and art classes, and silent reading. 
  • Individual tutoring times will be created when needed. Tutors will be available for one on one support
  • Daily emotional and physical check-in to make sense of the stay at home policy. There are  CoronaVirus  discussions giving accurate information. The CDC is the source for information. 
  • To receive the stipend, the afternoon sessions need to be attended
  • Once weekly, if needed, supplies will be brought to you. These include a fruit of choice, school and hygiene supplies, and items required for the Educate Youth classes.

“The virtual clubhouse keeps me active and occupied~ it helps me to be productive and to complete the assignments from school.”

Student class of 2022

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