Ethics Bowl update!

As some of you might know, our team the “Ypsilanti Youth” competed in the Ethics bowl Jan 28-29 and made it to quarter finals! Congratulations to our team and all the others who competed. Also, a thanks to the judges who came out and spent their weekend judging the Ethics Bowl, and to everyone who came out and participated in this event.

A shout out to the Ypsilanti Youth team for their best ever challenge at this academic festival celebrating young people grappling (like the majestic Grizzly!) with very complex philosophical issues. I had the pleasure of listening in on one of their rounds–they worked exceptionally well as a team; were on task; and displayed great skill in presenting their ideas to the judges.

Jeanine  DeLay
President, A2Ethics

Published by educateyouths5o1c3

Gail is an educator who resigned from teaching and administration in May 2010 to pursue her desire to develop an educational program that connects youth with the world and to promote a love of learning. In Fall 2011, Gail started Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C (DTMAC). In January 2017, Educate Youth 501c3 was started with the mission of increasing the Ypsilanti Community School high school graduation rate and post-high school plan, one student at a time. All of the youth programs and classes were moved from DTMAC to Educate Youth.

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