Ypsi Alehouse Dine-to-Donate!

Dine to Donate.png

Help build a stronger community! On Tuesday, June 13th, the Ypsi Alehouse will be having a Dine-to-Donate Fundraiser for Educate Youth, a nonprofit in Ypsilanti with the goal of supporting high schoolers. The fundraiser will take place from 3 pm-10 pm. A portion of proceeds from the night will go to programs for local youth. Those who want to support the organization should tell their bartender that they’re with Educate Youth. There will be live entertainment by Dark-Eyed Molly.

Educate Youth gives teens the knowledge and support needed to excel academically and professionally through youth-created programs that address their needs.

In one of our youth programs, teens are paid hourly to practice successful studying habits.

  • $8 pays for a student to work for 1 hour.
  • $10 pays for an older teen to be a tutor and role-model.
  • $15+ just means you’re having a really good time!

Published by educateyouths5o1c3

Gail is an educator who resigned from teaching and administration in May 2010 to pursue her desire to develop an educational program that connects youth with the world and to promote a love of learning. In Fall 2011, Gail started Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C (DTMAC). In January 2017, Educate Youth 501c3 was started with the mission of increasing the Ypsilanti Community School high school graduation rate and post-high school plan, one student at a time. All of the youth programs and classes were moved from DTMAC to Educate Youth.

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